About us


The central objective of the project is represented by the development of a transnational cooperation partnership, as well as joint initiatives for cooperation and exchange of good practices at European level that would lead to the transfer of knowledge in the field of medicinal plants, technologies, and plant extracts products with central role in nutrition, pharmacy, and agriculture, in order to increase the interconnectivity, innovation, inclusion and digitalization in higher education.


Management actions and meetings for an effective collaboration between partners (based on digital tools).
Training sessions for experts to exchange practices and for students to benefit from an appropriate specialisation that ease their integration into the labour market.
Education materials (curricula, guide, course) for development, transfer, and implementation of innovative practices.
Workshops, publications/newspapers, a complex website to share and promote valuable data from the field.


– innovative approaches for more attractive education and training programs in line with the labour market
– greater effectiveness of activities for the benefit of communities
– a modern, dynamic, and professional environment within the organization capable of integrating good new practices and methods
– achieving synergies with organizations active in complementary fields
– strategic planning of staff professional development in accordance with individual needs and organizational objective